About us

We engage students and youth groups all over the world to lead their campuses and communities towards a more sustainable and just future.

The challenge

Globally, less than 3% of people go to university, but 80% of leaders have a higher education. Most universities are not yet ensuring that all their graduates are equipped with the knowledge and competencies needed to be leaders for the sustainable and just future we want to see.

There are 14,000 universities in the world, and that number is set to double in the next 10 years, with much of the growth in the global south. In parallel, the urgency of climate change, and the global goals for sustainable development provide substantial motivation – we need to go further and faster!

Luckily, students have always been at the heart of social change. Climate change, sustainability and social justice are urgent and real challenges that young people want to address. We are witnessing an increasing number of student-led projects, yet most of these do not reach further than their own institutions. Students who want to develop such projects on the other hand, do not always know how to get started.

Our response

This is where SOS International comes in. We engage and mobilize student and youth groups, enabling them to be the change agents that lead their campuses and communities to a more sustainable and just future. We provide knowledge and support, share proven solutions and help develop capacity. Our aim is to make innovative social and sustainability projects publicly available and accessible to all.

We have a global outlook, collecting insights from student communities all over the world. We work with partners to ensure education for sustainable development is mainstreamed across their teaching and learning. We connect like-minded people and enable peer-to-peer learning and collaboration.

Our work

SOS International offers multiple sustainability programs, projects and campaigns for its members to deliver. Building on over a decade of experience, this portfolio is designed to be easily adapted in new organisations and countries. Read more about it on the homepage.

SOS International aims to develop research on sustainability (such as this survey), capacity-building and funding possibilities throughout its network. Find out more on our membership page.

SOS International provides services such as workshops, event facilitation and consultancy to all organizations interested in sustainability and/or working with students and youth. Have a look at our offer on the services page.

You can also listen to our interview with Voices.Earth podcast:

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SOS is a registered entity in Denmark and is, pertaining to Danish law, a non-profit association with limited liability.

c/o DSF, the National Union of Students in Denmark
Jernbanegade 4, 2. tv. DK-1608 Copenhagen V, Denmark
VAT reg. no.: 40262504