The challenge

Globally less than 3% of people go to university, but 80% of leaders globally have a higher education. Most universities are not yet ensuring that all their graduates leave equipped with the knowledge and competencies needed to be leaders for the sustainable and just future we want to see. Education should prepare students to implement sustainability and social justice in their adult roles as workers, community members, consumers and investors. There are 14,000 universities in the world, and that number is set to double in the next 10 years, with much of the growth in the global south. In parallel, the urgency of climate change, and the global goals for sustainable development provide substantial motivation – we need to go further and faster!

Our response

Students have always been at the heart of social change. Climate change, sustainability and social justice are urgent and real challenges that students and young people want to address.

SOS International engages and mobilises student and youth groups, enabling them to be the change agents that lead their campuses and communities to a more sustainable and just future.

We provide knowledge and support, sharing proven solutions and developing capacity. We have a global outlook, collecting global insights from the student community to shape our work and ensure there’s a student voice at the table of decision makers. We work with partners to ensure education for sustainable development is mainstreamed across their teaching and learning. We connect like minded people, enabling peer to peer learning and collaboration.

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Our campaigns and programs

Already we have a list of projects and activities that we seek to further develop through new collaborations:

Student Refugees – assistance program for people with refugee status to access higher education

Sustainability Week

Youth Exchange – model for individual connections and learning

Green Impact – staff engagement and student leadership program to create behavior change

Student Switch Off – inter-dorm room energy and recycling competition to engage students in behavior change

Responsible Futures – whole-institution curriculum reform program and accreditation

It may be you have a campaign or programme that’s successful that SOS can scale up across our membership, if so, become a member!



SOS International is a cross-country collaboration between NUS UK, the National Union of Students in the UK, and DSA, the Cooperative of Danish Student Unions, and DSF, the National Union of Students in Denmark.


National Union of Students
Danske Studerende Andelsselskab
Danske Studerendes Fællesråd

Get involved

In order to become a member of SOS International, your organization must do one of the following:
Build and contribute to a global evidence base that supports SOS’ purpose
Lead or participate in one or more joint programs/shared campaigns aligned with SOS’ purpose
Support the development of the competencies or capacities of one or more of SOS’ member organizations
Contribute to the development of SOS

Want to know more? Send an e-mail to our Project Manager