We invite all (inter)national youth and student organizations and networks who focus on sustainability in education and student empowerment to join SOS as a member.

Membership is free: we don’t want your money, we want your action

As a member, you actively engage in one or more of the following:

Contribute to data and research
Each year we run a global survey about students’ attitudes on sustainability. SOS members can promote this by sharing the survey with their students.

Deliver a campaign or program¬†from SOS’ portfolio
We run a number of impactful programs and we want to support you in delivering it. We scale tried and tested programs so organizations don’t need to start from zero. Take a look here.

Bring your campaign or program into SOS’ portfolio
If you have a proven and impactful program on sustainability and/or social justice and you are able to help others implement it, we offer the platform to do so.

Add capacity to other SOS members, and/or SOS itself
There are many ways to get involved – by hosting meetings, participating in peer-to-peer support, collaborating through the network, promoting SOS, providing resources, getting new members onboard…

SOS International provides members with opportunities for collaboration, innovation and resource generation

SOS members have access to:

An international student-led community
We offer a platform to exchange knowledge and experiences with similar organizations working on sustainability issues, worldwide. We support the personal development of young people as network leaders.

Inspiration for activities and approaches to implement in your work
Discover how your organization can start tackling climate change and social justice issues by implementing impactful programs and campaigns from our portfolio, or get inspired by our members’ activities.

Support for impactful campaigns and programs
We help you deliver campaigns and programs from our and our members’ portfolio. If you have developed an impactful activity,¬† we help you make your projects scaleable and accessible to other members. We facilitate peer support for addressing current challenges.

Shared resources and funding opportunities
SOS provides resources which help you go further and faster. Together, we pursue joint funding opportunities to realize your activities.

Interested in becoming a member?

Fill out this application form or contact us for more information

Read more about the SOS International members on this page.

Please note: membership is for (inter)national networks & organizations coordinating campaigns or delivering programs, rather than local student groups – unless they want to scale a program internationally and have the capacity to do so.