Global student survey on sustainability

Our goal? To understand the opinions and attitudes of students around the world towards sustainability, and to use the findings to lever action to transform education and direct society to a more sustainable and fair future.

The results of our 2020 global research into student opinions and attitudes towards sustainability and their education are now online



Why is this important? 

Most research concerning students and their attitude towards sustainability in education is limited to particular courses and to  particular universities. However, more widespread data  can be used to understand and leverage change within the education system, build business cases, and to inform policy. Moreover, it can be used for strengthening the relevance in funding and project applications. Additionally, individual organizations can also benchmark against the international data.

5 ways you create change with student data


What are the results?

Between April and October 2020, we invited higher education institutions and student organizations to participate and contribute to the survey by sending it to their students. More than 100 organizations participated and we received around 7000 responses.

Find the results and full report here 


More information

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