World’s biggest student survey on sustainability

Our goal? To get the biggest ever sample size in an academically robust survey of student opinions and attitudes towards sustainability, using this to create an engaging report that can lever action to transform education and direct society to a more sustainable and fair future.

Why is this important? 

We know students care about sustainability and education but there is little research to support this that is recognized as representative enough. A robust data set can be used to lever change within business cases, funding and resource applications and to inform policy. Individual organizations can also benchmark against the international data 

How will the survey be conducted?

We invite higher education institutions and student-facing organizations to send out the survey to their students. In order to avoid bias, the survey cannot be directly shared by individuals, organizations with a sustainability focus, or promoted as a “sustainable” or “environmental” survey.

The survey is available in English, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Danish, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch. We welcome translations for other languages so as to make the survey available to as many students as possible. Any student currently in higher education can take part. The survey will be open between the 1st and 30th April 2020. The results of the survey will be later analyzed and collected in a report, which will be shared among stakeholders across the globe.

What are the targets? 

  • 300 universities and colleges promote the survey 
  • A balance across all six continents with at least 30% of responses from the global south 
  • 50,000 individual student responses 

Are your students taking part?

If you are a higher education institution or a student organization, you can help spread this survey. You can sign up to get more information here or please contact Sandi to discuss how we can assist you in promoting the survey among the students of your country. There’s promotional material ready to help you communicate the survey, tips on how to maximise the number of students responding, and a 1000 euro price pot of incentives for students completing the survey.

More information

Interested to know more? Please get in touch with Sandi. Moreover, we host two webinars about the survey to show interested organizations and higher education institutions how the data will be useful to them, what our goals are and how they can best ensure a strong response rate students. You can watch a recording of the first webinar below. The second webinar will be held on 2 March 2020, 09:30 Central European Standard Time. Please contact Sandi to be sent a calendar invite for the webinar, including joining instructions.


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