World’s biggest student survey on sustainability

Our goal? To get the biggest ever sample size in an academically robust survey of student opinions and attitudes towards sustainability, using this to create an engaging report that can lever action to transform education and direct society to a more sustainable and fair future.

The survey is now closed.

Thanks to all partners for sharing! 


Why is this important? 

We know students care about sustainability and education but there is little research to support this that is recognized as representative enough. A robust data set can be used to leverage change within business cases, funding and resource applications and to inform policy. Individual organizations can also benchmark against the international data 

What are the results?

Earlier this year we invited higher education institutions and student-facing organizations to send out the survey to their students. More than 100 organisations did so and we received just short of 8k responses. Thank you to everyone involved. We’re now analysing the data, sharing raw anonymised data with our partners, and preparing reports for publication. It’s likely we’ll repeat the process in 2022 to forge longitudinal data sets.

More information

If you have any questions about our research, please contact Sandi and we’ll keep this page up to date as we plan publication.

You can watch the recording of the introduction webinar we hosted in the run-up of the survey launch below.



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